Situational Awareness Tools


What is SAT ?

SAT is a growing suite of situational awareness tools developed by VK Integrated Systems.

SAT Servers

SAT Servers as a Service allows you to deploy TAK Servers to a growing list of regions around the world. Without the hassle of technical setup, connect you and your team today and utilize the capabilities of TAK Server.

  • Real-time communication.
  • Robust, modern encryption.
  • Seamless coordination and information sharing.


MARS (Mapping After-Action Review System) is an After Action Reporting tool developed by VK Integrated Systems. Replay location data from all ATAK devices connected to your TAK Server. When paired with our SIOS-C11B buttstock, replay shot data from each member of your team to see actions on objective.

  • Track weapon usage.
  • View weapon orientation and shot paths for all shots taken.
  • Review training exercises and missions.
  • Powerful post-event analysis.