Last updated March 22, 2023
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What is TAK and ATAK?

TAK is a suite of tools that provides situational awareness, navigation, and data sharing. It comes in different versions for various platforms: ATAK for Android, iTAK for iPhones, and winTAK for Windows. Many departments and states have adopted ATAK as their standard program for situational awareness and command and control.

Why do I need a TAK Server?

TAK Servers are one of the ways that allows users to have synchronized data across all of their devices. In addition to this, WebTAK (a feature of the TAK Server) can be in a command and control capacity.

What do we do?

VK Integrated Systems (VKIS) has developed the Situational Awareness Tool (SAT) to provide users with TAK Servers. SAT simplifies the setup and security of TAK Servers and offers access to a wide range of plug-ins, including the VKIS SmarTAK inForce plug-in.

This plug-in pairs with our SIOS-C11B buttstock to provide enhanced situational awareness through PLI+ data from the weapon system, including shot detection and direction.

While ATAK can operate without a server, adding one to your network extends connectivity and enables federation with other servers for joint operations. The server’s webTAK map can also serve as a command and control tool in a tactical operations center. With TAK’s connectivity, imagery, and data, your team can stay in sync and make quick, effective decisions.

What is SAT?

Simply put, SAT is the overarching umbrella that encompasses all VKIS TAK products.

What is MARS?

MARS is a web application that was created at VK Integrated Systems. It was designed with critical incident reviews in mind. It currently has the capability to display ATAK users routes, shots and shot direction. With the capability of an interactive timeline, users can now replay and review their actions on target. This is a great way to conduct after action reviews.

With the capability of an interactive timeline, users can now replay and review their actions on target, empowering leaders to expand after action reviews.

Does VKIS offer other TAK related products?

Yes, we do! We have our very own ATAK plugin. The SmarTak inForce plugin, when paired with our SIOS-C11B buttstock, allows the user to view their PLI+ data along with shot detection and direction. Furthermore, connecting to a TAK Server will allow all users to view this information in real time.

Where can I find other TAK resources?

Besides our site, visit tak.gov, civtak.org or thetaksyndicate.org. There is also the official TAK Discord and Reddit page.

What if I have more questions about the products?

Always feel free to ask us questions! Send us an email through the Contact Us button.

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Videos to be added soon! Check back for videos for help getting started with your SAT Server!